Sanctuary of Virxe da Barca and stones of A Barca

Sanctuary of Virxe da Barca

The Sanctuary of Virxe da Barca (Our Lady of the Boat) and the Stones of A Barca represent the history and culture of the town of Muxia which is interrelated to The Way of Saint James and the cult of the Piedras da Barca (Stones of A Barca).

Muxia seafront promenade

Muxia seafront promenade

Starting from A Cruz, the Muxia seafront promenade runs the full length of the seafront until reaching the harbour esplanade. Visitors can enjoy a pleasant, calm walk and breathe in the pure sea air.


The richness and variety of the heritage of this council is evident in the quantity important vestiges such as the sanctuaries, chapels and cruceiros (stone crosses marking the Way of Saint James), among others.


Muxia Beaches

The beaches are a major tourist attraction for Muxia. They are perfect for enjoying peaceful walks along the shore or a swim in the clean, fresh waters.

Recreational Areas

Muxia is an ideal location for organizing recreational and gastronomic activities. A perfect natural environment for rural tourism activities such as hiking, all in full contact with nature.

Panoramic views

Muxia has breathtaking beautiful natural scenery of Muxia which can be appreciated from various viewpoints or miradors. Spiritual and majestic.

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