Muxia Yachting Harbour
The Death Coast - A Coruña

Location: 43º6,4’N 009º12,8’WCHARTS: 928, 927, 4131, 4141 IHM

Muxia Yachting Harbour


This harbour on the Death Coast is located on the southern part of the ria of Camariñas. Cabo Vilan, if coming from the north, and Touriñan, if coming from the south, are the two milestones that signal the estuary of Camariñas.

The shallows of the Quebrantas and Leixon de Janboy mark out the entry into port.

Canal of the Quebrantas: Coming from the north, and keeping a safe distance from the Bajo Bufardo in Cabo Vilan, sail until the hermitage of Nuestra Señora del Monte located on a bearing of 153º, setting course to it, until Vilan is straight ahead at 015º with the headland of Corno, steering at 179º with the sanctuary of Muxía in the bows. Passing between the Farelo and the Quebranta Chica until reaching the mouth of the river of Ponte do Porto. At this point, at 108’5º, set a course for the leading line of the headland of Lago, located at the NS of Castelo Novo, and steer the ship until finding the port jetty.

Canal of A Barca: It is wider and easier to sail. Sail until reaching the headland of Villueira with the headland of Castelo Novo and the mouth of the river of Ponte do Porto at 082º, then steer the ship towards the headland of Villueira until the sanctuary of Muxia is located on a bearing of 179º. From this point, sail following the instructions above.


Berths: 220 | Length: from 6 to 45 m | Draught: from 4 to 6 m


  • Services
    Services Berths from 0 to 24 metres are available. There is also a sailing school, diesel oil supply and a wide choice of restaurants at very good prices...
  • Serv station Muxia SHELL
    Serv station Muxia SHELL Station hours (from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.).
  • Why Muxia?
    Why Muxia? Because it offers all the necessary amenities required by passing boats and an impressive gastronomy.